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Arizona Discoveries of Ancient Hebrew Culture Branded As Fake


California Jewish Review of Mormonism, January 25, 1926, Dr. E. C. Getsinger

Dr. E. C. Getsinger, Famous Archaeologist, Advances Theory That Crosses Were Planted There About Seventy-five Years Ago by Founder

Dr. Getsinger writes his theories upon reviewing photographs of Silverbell Road artifacts:

The fact that these crosses contain the names of “kings” such as Jacobus, Israel the first, second and third, Benjamin, and James, has caused considerable stir among scientists and Hebrew scholars. The latter invariably brand these relics as forgeries.

Should these objects prove to be authentic, then it would tend to establish the fact that more than 700 years before Columbus discovered America, a band of Askenazim from Rome had been blown across the sea, by a terrible gale, to the shores of this then unknown land, the adventurers finally finding their way to Arizona. Here, according to the inscriptions, they built a city, but were continually at war with the Toltec Indians, until, after 125 years of strife, the Askenazim were entirely exterminated. The crosses are supposed to bear a record of these eventful times.

I am of the opinion that these relics are forgeries. In this country such forgeries are frequently met with. Hundreds of cases full of various forgeries alone are stored in the New York Museum.

Thus about 75 years ago, I believe these Lost-Tribes-of-Israel crosses were planted, waiting the time for Joseph Smith to have a “revelation” concerning them. But the Indians went on the warpath soon after the burial of these “relics.” Had he been able to carry out his plans, he would have supplied proofs to his followers that at some remote period in American history, some of the Lost Tribes of Israel, who were likewise Christians, were transported by Divine Providence to Arizona, not far from Salt Lake. There, a later contingent was striving for existence where it could be free to worship as it saw fit.

Experts in geology are preparing to study the caliche formation under which these crosses have been buried, in order to determine how long it has taken for the earth to harden since their burial.

The mineral kingdom also points its accusing finger at Joseph Smith. Consequently in my opinion, the carbonate of lead of which these crosses are composed, was found by the early Mormons near the surface at Salt Lake and mined by them for a number of years.


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