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Donald Yates “Merchant Adventurer Kings of Rhoda” Asserts Tucson Artifacts Are Genuine
By Donald Yates 28th March 2018

LONGMONT, Colo., March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Since they came to light nearly a hundred years ago, the Tucson Artifacts with their Latin and Hebrew writings have been branded a madman’s forgeries, though no forger has been discovered. The University of Arizona refused to accept the hoard of inscribed religious objects from Calalus for the […]

Fifty “Facts” about the Tucson Artifacts
By Donald Yates 9th February 2018

Fact #1. They are “old iron objects found outside Tucson in 1924.” Incredibly, this “fact” comes from the first sentence of the description of the Tucson Artifacts in the Arizona Historical Society’s catalogue, which is published on the World Wide Web. The Tucson Artifacts are made of lead. Rusty ranch objects are “found.” Artifacts are […]

Evidences of Ancient Civilization Are Found West of Tucson
By Donald Yates 6th October 2015

The following is the substance of an address delivered by Robert F. Gilder, archeologist of the University of Nebraska in Omaha telling of the ancient fortress on the Desert Laboratory hill just west of Tucson.

Leaden Spear-Shaft Found in Location of Famed Artifacts
By Donald Yates 6th October 2015

Imbedded in caliche and gravel that apparently had been undisturbed for hundreds of years, two fragments of a leaden spear-shaft were found at the third lime kiln on the Silverbell road, seven and a half miles from Stone avenue and Congress street by university scientists yesterday.

Silverbell Road Artifacts to Be Bought by University for $15,000 If Found Valid
By Donald Yates 6th October 2015

An agreement whereby the archaeology department of the university will immediately take over the work of excavation where the leaden crosses and swords were unearthed on the Silverbell road in 1925, and which provides for the payment of $15,000 to Thomas W. Bent and Charles Manier, discoverers, as compensation for their previous expenditures and claims providing that future explorations prove conclusively that the artifacts are pre-Columbian, was reached by the board of regents at its meeting Monday

Three Latin Text Books Contain All Phrases on Artifacts, Says Fowler
By Donald Yates 6th October 2015

Dr. Fowler, Professor of Classical Languages for the University of Arizona, continues to insist that the Latin phrases on the crosses are copied by an individual who was ignorant of Latin, and copied phrases from several Latin textbooks.